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 Auto lamp
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Auto lamp
Model: SSFY PL1032-W/ A/RGBW
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Technical parameters

The latest light source adopts imported high brightness, strong light, the car stands or on the stage in front of the light.Professional appearance and strict heat dissipation design, he is very reasonable adjust Angle structure makes easy adjustment.Output ultra-high brightness, 10 meters can achieve 4000 lux, is the ideal choice of the auto show and stage presence.

Technical parameters:

Working voltage: 100-240 - v AC, 50 to 60 hz

Power factor: 0.95

The maximum power: 280 w

Size: 265 * 265 * 450 mm

Weight: 7.25 kg

LED: monochrome CREE XML 5600 k / 3200-2 10 w 32 k tubes

COLOR - COLOR 10 w CREE XML four 32 and tubes

Lamp life: 50000 hours

LED lens: imported optical PMMA lens

Lens Angle: 15 °, 25 °, 45 °

Luminous flux output: monochrome 6000 k 30000 lm

Colour four 14000 lm

Light: the monochrome 6000 k 25 ° 10 meters 4000 lux

Control: DMX512 signal control, standard 3 core connector, can be set up by lighting panel key address, can be set up static.

Features:infinite mixed color RGBW, erect or hanging installation

The projection direction, the built-in thermal detection, manual adjustment, LED menu display, DMX512 signal control