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Model: SSFY PB600-W/ AW
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Technical parameters

Flying flat soft light with high color rendering index (92.3 Ra) small power LED as a light emitting element, large-area matrix, has high photosynthetic efficiency, good color rendering, low glare value and long life, and many other advantages, mainly is suitable for the television news studio, virtual studio, all kinds of meeting rooms, multi-function hall and other places as a functional lighting ideal choice.

The patent number: ZL 201330044956.8

The patent number: ZL 201320093954.2

Technical parameters:

Light source lamp bead number: 600

Drive current: 40 ma

The input voltage of the power: 100-240 vac

Rated power: 133 w

Operation display panel control: static color

Control protocol: DMX512

Channel mode: (monochromatic) UNO, 5 td. W (CHS) 1 CH, 2

(double color) STD. W, STD. D, STD. 1, STD. 2, UNO (2 ch, 3 ch, 2 ch, 6 ch, 1 ch)

Optical systems that move light: 0-100%

The light Angle: 600 °

Appearance size: 580 * 370 * 177 mm

Weight: 7 kg

Shell, aluminum

Color: black

Connection of lamps and lanterns: signal in/out, the power cord in/out

Cooling system: natural spread of heat

Applicable environment: studio, press hall, etc

Working environment temperature, 45 and 40 - (work) - 20 - 45 (start)